Map Handbook

Press {M} to open the map.

Always have a MAP, a GPS, Map tool and a COMPASS on you

(if possible)

Markers & Lines

If you want to mark something on the map hold right click and move your mouse around. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

You can hold left click for a temporary marker and move it around with your mouse.

To create a permanent marker double click left MB. You can change your makers color on the left hand side dropdown in the top right corner of your screen. You can change the marker on the right hand side On the top. When the marker is placed you can double click it to edit it for example adding a name to the marker.

If you want to draw lines you hold CTRL on your keyboard and click and hold left MB while you move your mouse. You can change the color the same way as you change it for the markers.

Map tools

To use map tools you need to have the map open. Afterwards you hold windows button and hover with your cursor over the item you want to use on your map.

Note: You need to have the item in your inventory to be able to use it.


There are 2 types of coordinates “6 digits and 8 digits”

You use the 6 digit coordinate to quickly give an enemy location, ask for exfiltration in an open area, ect… . You use 8 digit coordinates to give the exact location of something “example: enemy, naked sexy girl, call a bombardment, ect… .”

If you want to say the coordinates you first need to read the digits on the top or bottom “X digits” followed up by the digits on the left or the right “Y digits”

example: 045 036

(x) (y)

For the 8 digits you add an extra number between the 0 and the 10 i recommend to always have a map tool on you for that reason alone

example: 0458 0365

(x) (y)

The are videos on our channel that explains this clearly



This two videos are recomended to watch